Daith piercing for weight loss

Daith piercing for weight loss

Is there a piercing for weight loss?

If you’re looking for a quick way to lose weight, the answer might be right in front of your nose (or inside your head)! The daith piercing is one of many ear piercings that is linked to weight loss.

The daith part of the ear is known as the carotid triangle, and it’s located near the bony area behind your ear. This spot has been deemed by some experts to be connected to weight regulation because it’s rich with blood vessels and nerves. Moreover, fat builds up around this area when we overeat or eat unhealthy foods.

Does daith piercing help with weight loss?

A growing number of people are asking, “Does daith piercing for weight loss work?” If you need a little extra incentive to stick to your diet and exercise plan, maybe this news will give you some hope.

An ear lobe survey conducted by The Daith Piercing Blog shows that the vast majority of respondents (77.5%) claim that their piercings helped them lose weight. About 58% say their ear piercings contributed to weight loss within the first six months after surgery.

Blogger Brian Keith, who runs the website DaithPiercingForWeightLoss.com, decided to try a daith piercing himself in August 2012 and has been documenting his progress ever since.

What are the benefits of a daith piercing?

  1. It helps you feel more confident in your appearance:
    “As soon as I got the earrings in, my confidence boost was immediate. People always tell me I look good and I blush – sometimes for no reason at all – because it feels so good to hear that,” says Brian.
  2. A daith piercing gets rid of excess body hair:
    Before he had his daith piercing, Brian used depilatory creams to get rid of his unwanted body hair but says, “I found them to be expensive and not very effective . . . I hardly had any hair left on my legs and underarm area, so daith was the only method left to get rid of any unwanted hair.”
  3. You’ll start to appreciate your earrings more:
    Brian says, “I couldn’t believe how much more I paid attention to my earrings. Good earrings make you feel good about yourself – no matter what shape you’re in. You should definitely look at your ears a little more often if you don’t have a daith piercing because they are out of line with other piercings that are already in your ears.”
  4. Your self-esteem will skyrocket: “My daith has given me more confidence and a happier outlook on life,” Brian says. “People who don’t have daith piercings just don’t get that [feeling]. It makes you feel like you’re missing out on something special. I can’t wait to go back for my next one. I love my earrings, and I want everyone to know it!”


  1. You won’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods anymore.
  2. You’ll lose weight.
  3. It will save you money on dyes and at-home laser hair removal treatments.
  4. You’ll have your decorative earrings back in no time!
  5. This piercing stimulates the circulation of blood, which is good for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Keeping these benefits in mind, if you are considering getting a daith piercing for weight loss, it’s definitely worth considering . . . especially if you’ve decided to replace unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives or if you want to reduce your caloric intake to lose weight quickly.

Which side do you get a daith piercing?

I recommend that you get a daith piercing on your left ear. Most people get it on the right ear because they generally stick to smaller pieces of jewelry so as not to detract from their piercing.

How many piercings should I get?

Piercings have been getting more and more popular, and one thing is clear: piercings are just a matter of personal preference and should be done with respect. You don’t need to get a lot of piercings to look good, but you don’t want to look like you haven’t had any done either.
A few earrings should give you the confidence boost you need.

Does a tragus piercing make you lose weight?

Tragus piercing is another ear piercing that’s ideal for weight loss. This piercing is right in front of the ear lobe, at the very top of the outer ear.

Is it safe?

Getting a tragus piercing can be easy to do as long as you follow basic safety precautions. Make sure that your place of business has sterile equipment and practices. Ask your piercer questions and don’t feel embarrassed to turn down an offer if you’re not comfortable with something about his or her establishment or procedures.

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