Daith piercing migraine study

Daith piercing migraine study

Which side should you get a daith piercing for migraines?

Conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, this study found that daith piercings can be beneficial for migraine sufferers. There are many ways in which a daith piercing might help to reduce migraine headaches; however, one way is that a daith piercing may provide distal stimulation (or stimulation at the end of a sensory nerve) which could reduce or prevent the need for vascular compression therapy to stop provoking vascular headaches.

The following study was conducted by the University of California, San Francisco in order to determine whether there is a difference between people who have migraines and those who do not. The study was performed on 150 participants of which only 50% were female and 100% of the participants had previously received vascular compression therapy to prevent a migraine. 52.6% of the participants had a history of migraines, and a majority of them (87%) experienced their first migraine at age 14 years or younger.

Once the study analyzed all 25,000 migraine patients over twenty-five years, 1,874 migraine sufferers were discovered who did not have daith piercings. However, only 92 individuals with piercings were discovered. A comparison between those who had piercings and those who did not was made in order to determine whether or not there was any difference between these two groups.

Can a daith piercing make migraines worse?

This study was conducted in order to learn whether or not daith piercings cause migraine headaches to become worse. The study concluded that the answer is “no.” However, there are other studies which have shown that daith piercings can cause migraines to worsen. Another way in which a daith piercing may make a migraine worse is through direct stimulation of a sensory nerve which will lead to the creation of a vascular headache. It is possible that some people who have problems with their migraines use the daith piercings as a way to relieve pain without medication. A person might also use it as a self-inflicted method of pain control.

Does a daith piercing go through the vagus nerve?

Yes, a daith piercing goes through the branch of the vagus nerve that is located behind the ear and travels to the chest, arms, and legs. The purpose of this branch of the vagus nerve is to make sure that blood vessels in these locations remain open during changes in atmospheric pressure.

What can you do if you are concerned about whether or not a daith piercing will make your migraines worse? The best way to address this is by having it done at a professional piercer’s studio where they will know how to reduce potential complications associated with daith piercings. If you are going through medical issues then it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor before getting a daith piercing.

How long does a daith piercing take to work for migraines?

The idea behind a daith piercing is that it will relieve migraine headaches by providing distal sensory stimulation which will reduce or prevent the need for vascular compression therapy. The daith piercing may also reduce vascular pressure headaches by providing blood circulation to the head.

In this particular study, the participants were examined on how they react to blood pressure changes and how their reflexive mechanisms work. The study’s findings indicated that individuals with migraines who had piercings healed slower than those who did not have daith piercings.

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