Daith and Helix piercing

Daith and Helix piercing

Does Daith or helix hurt more?

Helix piercing hurts more than Daith piercing. Although some people say that Daith piercings hurt less than helix piercings, the truth is that more and more people are getting helix piercings and not choosing Daith piercings any longer because of how much pain they cause.

Some people also get both, for the sake of experimentation more than anything else. Who knows what happens next with these types of trends?

This article describes the difference between these two types of piercings, goes into each one’s different methods, and then gives a conclusion about which is worse in terms not only on pain but also of style preference.

What piercing goes well with Daith?

The Daith piercing is a piercing that does not have much of a backstory about the origin of its name. The Daith piercing can be done at the end of any piercings and is usually done on the same ear as a helix piercing.

It is possible to combine Daith and helix, but it is more common to combine a Daith and other piercings such as industrial, rook, tragus, conch, and so on.

What Helix Piercing goes well with?

A helix piercing requires an ear lobe first of all before any other piercing is done in order for it to have enough space for the room.

What is the prettiest ear piercing?

The Daith piercing will most likely be the one that most girls will choose because of its higher aesthetic value.

The main reason to have a Daith piercing is for aesthetic value, but not only that. There are also people who get them for religious reasons.

On the other hand, the helix piercing has various benefits such as that it is very fashionable and can be put on any ear and blend well with other piercings such as industrial and conch piercings or even eyebrow rings.

How painful is helix piercing?

The helix piercing will most likely be the one that is more painful. Helix piercings are done in the ear lobe and the Daith piercing is done in the cartilage of the ear, so it will hurt more than a Daith piercing.

For some people, they get a helix piercing as an initial step to get a Daith and then change it back to a Daith when they want to get an industrial.

For others, they simply end up with both.

What hurts more tragus or helix piercing?

The pain is too extreme in the case of the helix. They can be very difficult to do to someone who is not used to these kinds of piercings. The tragus piercings are very easy to do and cause little discomfort.

Are helix piercings hard to heal?

Helix piercings are difficult to heal. They require a person who is patient and who will help to keep the ear clean.

The helix piercing takes a very long time to heal. Some people say it can take six months or even longer for it to heal fully, and that is only if the person takes good care of it.

What piercing goes well with helix?

A Daith piercing goes very well with any earring, and it is very easy to do them. Tragus piercings are very easy to do and cause little discomfort.

Is the helix the most painful piercing?

Tragus piercings are very painful because the cartilage can be quite sensitive. A Daith piercing in comparison is much less painful, but a little more painful than a tragus.

A helix piercing hurts the most because it is done in an ear lobe which can be sensitive for most people. An industrial piercing causes even more pain than a helix piercing will, so it is not uncommon to see people who have both of these piercings.

Are Daith piercings more common than helix piercings?

This is probably the biggest question to ask about this topic since there are many conflicting answers from different people and they are all different.

Is helix piercing worth it?

The short answer to this question is that the helix piercing is more expensive and more painful than the Daith piercing.

Helix piercings are not easy to do, nor are they easy to heal. Also, the good quality of life it offers will cost a lot of money. The only benefit that it has over a Daith piercing is that it can be done in an ear lobe which means you do not have to remove jewellery when you get it done.

If you want a custom set of piercings, then a helix will be better than a Daith because the jewellery can be changed later on.

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