Daith and Conch piercing

Daith and Conch piercing

Does conch piercing hurt more than daith?

A lot of people, especially men, are drawn to daith and conch piercing as an alternative form of expression through their body. This is a controversial topic for many people who believe that this form of body modification is only to be reserved for women.
Some say that conch piercing hurts more because it’s more sensitive than daith piercing. Others say that altogether, daith and conch don’t differ in pain levels- the difference between these two forms of facial piercings would be how often you can wear earrings after the initial healing period.

Should I get a conch or daith piercing?

The truth of the matter is that it’s all up to you. The size, appearance and location of your earlobes are just some of the considerations when deciding on which ear piercing is best for you. If you’re going to get a facial piercing just to have one, then there’s no point in piercing your daith or conch. It’ll hurt and only cause long healing time- and if you end up not liking it, it’ll leave unsightly scars in place of your new piercing.

What piercings look good with a daith?

Your daith piercing can look great with any piercing that goes through the earlobe. We’ve already mentioned the possibility of conch or daith with helix which is a popular combination. For a classy look, try stacking a few ring studs at the top of your ear.
We recommend hoops for side-daith-side(SD-SD) but you can also try out an industrial barbell to hang your hair in a bun.
In most cases, daith and conch piercings are best complemented by other facial piercings like eyebrow or nose ring .

Can you put a daith hoop in your conch?

The short answer is no. But if you really want to wear a daith hoop in your conch, you can place baubles on the daith ring and have a daith chain hanging from it.

What’s the difference between facial piercings like daith and conch?

The two biggest differences between daith piercing and conch are the size of the earlobe hole and possible scarring after healing. Conch piercings are usually placed behind the earlobe so that your thick earlobe covers up any accidental visible scarring.

What hurts more conch or tragus?

If you have a tragus piercing, getting a conch piercing is unlikely to hurt much more than getting an eyebrow piercing. But if you’ve never had a tragus piercing and want to get your first cartilage piercing, you should expect that it will be slightly more painful.

Can you get a hoop conch piercing right away?

Yes. Get your conch pierced at your local piercing shop and wait a few weeks before you can wear hoops.

Does conch piercing hurt more than getting a daith or conch?

We know of all sorts of myths and misconceptions about facial piercings, but the truth is that daith and conch piercings are relatively painless when done properly. If you’re looking to get one to express yourself through your body, don’t worry about hurting yourself. Just remember to take your time, clean well and apply an antibiotic ointment until the swelling goes down completely.

Is conch piercing Dangerous?

Daith and conch piercings are completely safe if done with the proper tools and techniques. Nobody wants a piercing that looks awful because it doesn’t heal well; so be sure to go to a place that’s clean, professional and knowledgeable about how to avoid infections.

How long is the healing time for conch piercing?

Conch piercings, depending on where you get them, will take roughly 4-6 weeks to heal. Any longer than that is risky because it’ll allow infections to occur inside your earlobe which can cause permanent damage.

Should you pierce conch with hoop?

Yes. The most common way to get a conch piercing is with a hoop. However, you can still choose other jewelry designs like studs or rings. Anything that suits your style will do , it’s just about how you want it to look.

What ear piercings look best with conch?

Any ear piercing that goes through the earlobe looks great with a conch piercing. If you’re looking for different combinations, try getting a daith and conch at the same time for an overly-grunge look, or stack some studs on your cartilage and let them hang freely from the daith .

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