Daith piercing barbell

Daith piercing barbell

The Daith piercing barbell is a Daith piercing jewellery item, which is made of stainless steel and comes in either 18 gauge or 16 gauge. It has an alligator clip at one end and a ball at the other, making it easy to connect to your piercing. Many people choose this type of jewellery because it’s thin and doesn’t get in the way of daily life.

The Daith piercing barbell is also made from material that prevents allergic reactions, so you can enjoy your body decoration without worrying about possible complications that may arise from nickel allergies.

Inexpensive prices make this product affordable for many people, making it perfect for entrance into the Daith piercing world. If you choose to use this type of jewellery, make sure you choose a bar that’s the right size for your ear piercing and gauge of choice. For example, if you have a thick cartilage piercing, a thicker bar will be best suited to your anatomy.

Another option is straight Daith piercing studs that are sold in pairs. This option gives the option of adding two holes instead of one and doubling your options when it comes to jewellery selection.

The sizing of the barbells is very important because they’re made to fit your piercing. If you have a size 16 gauge piercing, a size 18 should be the correct choice for you. So when buying Daith jewellery, take into account the gauge of your skin and the gauge that is advised for your piercing to make sure you find exactly what you need.

Can you put a barbell in a Daith?

In short, no.

If you are like many people with a Daith piercing, you are looking for the right jewellery to wear in your Daith piercing. This is where the confusion often sets in people. Because of their close proximity, many people think that a barbell can be worn in their Daith piercing because it is located so close to the cartilage piercing hole on your ear.

But as most piercers will tell you, it’s best not to mix the two piercings or wear the same type of jewellery in each. Doing so can cause problems with healing and irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reactions from metals and other materials.

What piercing goes with a Daith?

The Daith piercing is located directly above your ear cartilage hole, so it makes sense that many people will choose a Daith piercing barbell when looking for the right jewellery to wear in their Daith piercing.

However, you can also wear something simple like a Daith stud as well. You can also have two holes punched out from your ear cartilage and wear a straight barbell in both holes. This is much rarer, but the possibility is there.

But when it comes to choosing the right jewellery for your skin, it’s important to remember that two different piercings mean two different types of jewellery and metals.

What gauge do they pierce a Daith with?

The thickness of your cartilage determines how small of gauge jewellery you should wear. If you have a thick cartilage piercing, the gauge should be thinner than something that would be worn in your ear.

Some people with thicker cartilage piercings may prefer to use a Daith piercing barbell instead of a Daith piercing stud because they’re easier to wear in thicker cartilage piercings.

If your skin is thin and can handle the larger spike, it’s perfectly fine to wear both types of Daith piercing jewellery and even mix up the styles if you want.

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