Daith piercing retainer

Daith piercing retainer

You may have heard of what a Daith piercing is, but still might not be sure it’s right for you. Well, don’t worry! We’re going to break down the two types of Daith piercings you can get and let you know if they’re good ideas or not. Hopefully, that will help you make a decision between the two options!

So what is a Daith piercing?

A Daith piercing is located on the innermost cartilage fold at the base of your skull (near your ear canal). It also goes by other names such as a sternal notch, mastoid process, fovea capitis and retrocalcaneal projection.
A Daith piercing is meant for people who like to wear earrings every day, want them to look bigger or are just generally attracted to the idea of getting a piercing on their ear. If you have some piercings already but want more in another place on your body, then this is a good one to consider.

The two types of Daith piercings you can get are the labret piercings and the tragus piercings. Let’s go over these two options so you can decide if a piercing under your ear is right for you!

Labrets are small circular or elliptical piercings located on the lip, just below your bottom lip.

Can you put a retainer in a daith piercing?

You can!

You may be used to seeing a retainer in a piercing in another area, but it’s possible to use one in a Daith piercing. And while it’s not the most common thing to do, many people do!

What is the difference between the two? A labret piercing is smaller than tragus piercings and is usually half as long. It’s best suited for people who prefer thinner jewellery and want rings that are more modest.

A Daith piercing is larger than labret piercings and has more space for bigger jewellery. If you’re used to wearing large hoops or earrings, then this type of piercing might be right for you.

Can you hide a Daith piercing?


You’re in luck – you can wear your Daith piercing in secret. In fact, if you don’t like what it looks like or simply are not brave enough to show it off, then you definitely don’t have to! It’s another thing that’s a personal choice between the piercer and the client.

Who pierces Daith piercings?

Some people choose to get their own Daith piercing done at a shop and have it done by themselves. The benefits of this can include being able to choose the jewellery out of the box and having them made specifically for your piercing.

How long can you leave a Daith piercing out?

Daith piercings shouldn’t be left out for more than two weeks. If you do happen to have a piercing in your ear longer than this, make sure to have it checked by your piercer or get it taken care of by a doctor. When someone has a piercing in the ear for too long, there is the possibility that they could get an infection or worse.

How much jewellery can you wear?

Because the size of Daith piercings is different, so are their limits on jewellery. Labrets should be worn with small pieces such as studs, hoop rings and micro hoops while tragus piercings should be worn with medium hoop rings and larger hoops or clip-on earrings.

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